KN-95 Mask + Nogerma™ Hand Gel Sanitizer (70% Ethyl Alcohol) Pack


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Size: Resealable Plastic Pack containing One (1) KN-95 Mask + One (1) Nogerma™ Hand Sanitizer 2 Fl. Oz.

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Nogerma™ instant hand sanitizer gel delivers advanced antimicrobial germ kill.  Nogerma™ Hand Sanitizer gel kills more than 99.99% of most common germs. This alcohol-based hand sanitizer works in as little as 15 seconds, with no water or towels needed. Provides unprecedented germ kill and maintaining skin health.

Key Features: Widely used hand sanitizer

Works fast, as fast as 15 seconds

Kills more than 99.99% of most common germs

Active Ingredient: Ethyl Alcohol 70% v/v

Nogerma™ Instant Hand Sanitizer is available in a 2 Oz bottle for your convenience. Slip it in your pocket as you head to the store or keep it in your gym bag or keep it on your desk to disinfect. Do not leave home without it!

KN-95 Mask

Brand Copy:

The KN95 Protective Face Mask can help reduce exposure to biological substances, such as bacteria and viruses. Please note however that wearing a mask cannot eliminate the risk of infection as it depends on the proper fit of the wearer.

Pollen – The KN95 Face Mask can protect you from pollen. Our filter has an efficiency of above 95% at 0.3 pm particle size, whereas normal pollen particles are about 10 – 1000 pm in size.

Animal Allergens – The KN95 Face Mask can protect you from animal allergens. Efficiency of above 95% at 0.3 pm particle size, animal allergen particles are about 5 – 10 pm in size.

Meets or exceeds CN Standard GB2626-2006

This is a KN95 mask NOT a N95 respirator

Manufactured in an FDA Registered facility

FDA White List Appendix A Approved – Full documentation available on request.


Manufactured by Shandong DS Safety Technology Co., Inc.

KN95 is an industry-standard and means that the mask provides the intended effectiveness of filtering 95 percent of particles with a mass median diameter of 0.3 micrometers

WARNING: This mask does not eliminate the risk of contracting any disease or infection. Change immediately if contaminated with blood or body fluid.  KN95 Mask not intended for use for medical purposes. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any diseases.

Due to the risk of infection we are unable to accept returns on this item


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